The History of Lavender in Washington

Lavender was introduced to the West Coast of the United States by Franciscan Monks who had arrived in Baja California to establish missions. The adobe-bricks used to build these missions were found to have traces of Lavender in them. This work was conducted by George W Hendry of the University of California.

After the annexation of California by the United States in 1846 the California ports boomed, nurseries were opened and plants from all over the world were brought to the state.

In the early part of the 1900’s L.J. Wyckoff decided he would like to grow produce oil for th epurfume industry by growing L.angustifolia. He thought the Puget Sound region might very well be a good area to grow Lavender.

By 1924 Wyckoff and the USDA had entered into an agreement where they would help Wyckoff start this business by providing funds to help him purchase land, equipment and author jointly books on their findings.

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