Perfumer bases – Alcohol Blends


The US Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms forbids the resale of drinking or beverage alcohol in perfumes and related products, regardless of whether you add essential oils, absolutes or other scenting materials. Adding beverage alcohols, such as vodka, to perfumes and then selling them is against the law because it is considered serving alcohol. Permits are required to serve alcohol. In order to stay within the law, you must use the formulas specified by US ATF for cosmetic applications. Local liquor control rules may also apply to beverage alcohol use in cosmetics and perfumes.

Artisan’s Alcohol

INCI: SD40B Alcohol 200 proof, hexylene glycol

Another perfumery alcohol, made specifically without isopropyl alcohol. It is practically odor-free. Additionally, hexylene glycol acts as a fixative. This fixative action will enable your essential and fragrance oil blends to last longer on the skin.

Artisan’s Alcohol may be used for both the manufacture of perfumes and colognes or other perfumery products that contain water. Our experiments have determined that Artisan’s alcohol is completely miscible in water. Water may be used in any proportion without clouding. Artisan’s alcohol may be used as a direct substitute for any specially denatured alcohol. Of course, each frgrance blend is different. You will need to test your own specific blends to determine the exact amount of water that can be added without clouding.

If clouding persists, Cremophor may be used to mediate.

Perfumer’s Alcohol

INCI: SDA 40B 200 proof, isopropyl myristate, isopropyl alcohol

Perfumer’s alcohol is the professional diluent used to make fine perfumes, colognes, after shaves, eau de toilette and other alcohol-based fragrance products.

Our perfumer’s alcohol base contains a blend of SD40B Alcohol, isopropyl myristate, and isopropyl alcohol. Some vendors use more than 55% water in their blends. This means, if you attempt to dilute or thin an absolute, resin or gum with their product, you will be sorely disappointed.

Formulator’s Alcohol

INCI: SDA 40B 200 proof, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl alcohol

Formulators alcohol is made with SDA40B, Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl alcohol. It’s designed for use with products that require the addition of water, including colognes, aftershave, hair spray, linen sprays, hand sanitizers, astringents and self preserving lotions. Clear products may be made using this technique.