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Week 14 & 15 ~ New Queens Settle In

August 3rd 2008

The new queens are laying and there are lots of new capped brood cells and open cells with larva in them. I noticed just a few drone cells toward the bottom of the frame in each hive.

The drone cells definitely protrude further than the worker cells.

Watching the bees knowingly go about their business reminds me that they do know what they are doing and much like raising children I need to just get out of their way.

Worker bees checking to see if the coast is clear from that dude with the smoker…


I conducted a little experiment on the swarm hive….the hive that contained the bees that I caught after they swarmed….kind of like an experiment done in ignorance as opposed to one with a hypothesis.

When I re-queened the other hives I found a queen, captured her and put her in the swarm hive separated by a queen excluder. So, I had two hives in one stack separated by the excluder. I added some bees from the lower part of the hive to the queen up top and they seemed to immediately gather around the her. This week when I looked into the hive there were no bees in the upper hive. They had all, including the queen ended up in the lower hive. I did not take the hive apart and look at each frame but I did not see any dead bees or queens outside the hive. I am curious now to check and see if they are both alive in the lower hive. The queen that I put in the upper hive did not seem to be laying when I removed her from the original hive (when I re-queened) so maybe she is a virgin/non-laying queen and less threatening…?

I did not see any Varroa when I checked the hives.

I am still feeding a 1:1 sugar syrup mixture.

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