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Burr & Brace Comb

June 7 2009

So the idea of just letting the bees do their thing if fine except I actually do want them to do what I want. SO as long as they make comb that I can extract honey from they are free to do as they like.


I inspected the hives today and found lots of burr and brace comb. In fact, it was all burr and brace comb!

From what I have observed it appears that burr and brace comb have different functions. Brace comb is comb that is drawn to provide stability to the hive. It can appear between frames or between frames and the boxes or anywhere it might provided rigidity and stability.

Below is a frame with burr and brace comb.

The brace comb had lots of drone brood. The comb cells were deeper/taller than regular worker brood.


June 23 2009

The year is half over….wow.

I swapped out two full frames from the brood box up into the super where they are building all the burr and brace comb and I think it is helping. There was still some burr and brace comb but not as much.

The full frames that I took were maybe the second or third ones in from both ends. In their place I put a frame that had not been built out yet.

August 1st 2009

Scraping the burr and brace comb off of the frame and putting it in a pile to render into beeswax was my first approach but I think what is actually working better is to press the burr and brace comb that does not have brood in it back onto the foundation. SO in the case of burr comb I will just gently flatten it back to the foundation

2009 August honeycomb brace


2009 August honey and farm 6

…sometimes leaving the honeycomb built up and sometimes making the whole thing flat. With the brace comb I have been scraping it off and then pressing it into the edges of the foundation around the outside edge.

2009 August honey and farm 7

This way they can reuse it and not have to make new comb.

This has worked out the best. The bees are quickly building out the foundations.




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