Welcome to Green Road Farm

Temperature: 75 ยบ
Conditions: Sunny

Home of Bees, Lavender, Hops, Cider and more. Green Road Farm is a Green business using the principles & practices of Permaculture.

What started out as an art barn has morphed into a place that has a lot of different things going on. We have beehives, an orchard, Lavender, Hops and a vinyard. We also keep a lot of the farm in a wild field state to give the local wildlife a place to live.

Green Road Farm produces a wonderful light honey made from Lavender, Raspberry and Fireweed. We also produce a selection of lavender Essential oils and Hydrosols. We distill a variety of Lavender from the true Lavandula Angustifolia varieties (Folgate, Graves, Betty's blue) to the various Lavandins (Grosso, Abrialii, Dutch, Grapenahall, Sawyer). We collect the essential oil & hydrosol from each variety and bottle it seperately. There are lots of subtle and sometime not so subtle differences between the varieties and it is fun to experience the results :)

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